Music Public & Media Relations

“Most artists have an extremely difficult time getting any kind of media coverage because they don't know how to make themselves appear newsworthy and many of them fail miserably when it comes to getting the media to take them seriously.” - Wade Sutton With nearly twenty years of professional radio journalism experience, services dealing with the media and public relations are some of our most requested offerings! Rocket to the Stars' Wade Sutton spent 18-years as the News Director and morning news anchor for several radio stations. During those years he has interviewed:

  • Celebrity singers and musicians
  • Professional athletes (covered the 2001 season of the Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Politicians (including US Presidents, Senators, and Congressional Representatives)
  • Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Gallagher moments after fleeing the Empire State Building during the September 11th terrorist attacks

What media and public relations-related services do we offer?

  • Short Form Biographies – Usually three short paragraphs in length, Rocket to the Stars' short form biographies are perfect for websites and social media pages. We take the time to interview and learn about our clients before crafting a bio that will interest and captivate fans. They are easy to read, take into consideration your music's brand, and your personality.
  • Long Form Biographies – These bios, typically one- to two- pages in length, are more suitable for something like an electronic press kit. They are written to capture the attention of media outlets considering you for coverage and venues entertaining the possibility of booking you. We use our vast professional journalism experience to create a bio that reads like an actual newspaper or magazine article. In fact several media outlets have copied and pasted bios we have written directly into their own publications...which is EXACTLY what we are hoping to see happen!
  • Electronic Press Kits – Contrary to what many singers and musicians believe, EPKs are just as important to your music business as your act's website. While your website is designed to properly communicate with your fans, EPKs are created to fulfill the needs of members of the media and venue operators. Our electronic press kits have assisted artists in getting booked for interviews on both a local and national level AND have helped singers and musicians get booked at venues that were previously unattainable. This is one of the most important tools for your music career and can open many doors for you!
  • Press Releases – Rocket to the Stars' Wade Sutton knows a lot about press releases, having spent nearly two decades sifting through them every morning while working as a journalist. Whether you have a CD release coming up, need to get the word out about an important show, or just need to broadcast to the world some important announcement, we can write your press release with REAL journalism experience. Like our long form biographies, text in our press releases have been copied and pasted by media outlets and music blog sites.
  • Media Interview Preparation – A good or bad media interview can make or break an artist in any given media market. We can help you prepare for your interview through assessments and mock interviews. Learn what to say and what not to say, learn how to take control of an interview, how to sidestep questions that put you on the spot, and how to use that interview to get more fans to turn out for your shows!

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