Music Business & Marketing

“It doesn't matter how great your songs are, you will have a difficult time turning your music into a career if you don't know how to turn it into a business first.” - Wade Sutton

Are you one of the following?

  • A singer, musician, or band trying to make more money selling merchandise and tickets while expanding your current fan base?
  • A parent of a teenage singer or musician trying to give them an advantage in today's crowded music market?
  • A manager of a band that is trying to take their music to the “next level”?

Rocket to the Stars offers detailed consultations looking into all aspects of your music business and the steps you are taking to market and promote yourselves. Using our exclusive “Spinning Plates” strategy, we teach both up-and-coming and veteran artists the core components of creating a successful music career from which you can earn a living.

What is the “Spinning Plates” strategy?

We explain to our clients that growing a successful career in music is a lot like a circus act in which you see somebody balancing and spinning several plates on sticks. Our approach uses that illustration as inspiration for our own business game plan when teaching artists. Each plate represents a different aspect of your music career: Business, Marketing, Live Performance and Live Show Production, Media Relations, and more. We teach clients in what order they should be spinning those plates, how to go about doing it in an efficient manner, and how to transform those plates into cogs so that each aspect of your music career feeds into the other aspects. This process is a popular business strategy known as creating “synergy”.

What can I expect to learn about?

If it is important to creating and sustaining a music business, you will learn about it.

  • Having a website design that improves your marketing efforts.
  • Creating and growing an e-mail list so that you may market directly to fans.
  • Tips on creating the content you send out in group e-mails.
  • Setting up your website to include online ticket sales for your shows.
  • How to improve the manner in which you promote yourself on social media.
  • Music licensing.
  • How to organize a successful series of house shows.
  • AND MORE!!!

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And don't forget we also offer Live Performance Training and Live Show Production, and Media and Public Relations services...and we can write your biographies and press releases!