Live Performance Training & Show Production

“Of all the artists I have come into contact with, live performance has been the most common glaring weakness that is holding people back from a successful music career...and most of them either don't know it or don't want to admit it.” - Wade Sutton For most singers, musicians, and bands, a majority of the money made over the course of a career will come from your live performances. Sadly, however, proper training and production of live shows is one of the most neglected areas of the independent music industry. When bands are feeling like they are not experiencing growth in their music business, it oftentimes comes back to them not putting on an exciting live show that leaves fans wanting more.

Are you one of the following?

  • A singer or musician looking for ways to increase attendances at your live shows?
  • A band wanting to sell more merchandise at your shows and increase the number of fans signing up for your e-mail lists?
  • A singer or musician that doesn't feel comfortable TALKING to your audience between songs?
  • An artist performing on a regular basis but want to see greater growth in your fan base?

This is where Rocket to the Stars comes in! Our live performance training and live show production utilize concepts from crowd psychology, principals of attraction such as emotional contagion, and peer pressure to help you turn your live show into an experience that fans will always remember. We have produced shows and performances seen in the United States and United Kingdom, for various genres of music, and for a wide array of age groups and experience levels. In fact, the finals of Rocket to the Stars' annual artist development competition has taken place in front of estimated crowds of more than 27-thousand we know a thing or two about putting on BIG shows!

What will you learn?

  • How creating memorable experiences in your live show can propel you from being “just another band” to a band people remember and talk about.
  • How to engage members of your audience during songs so they feel more connected with you, sign up for your marketing lists, and purchase merchandise!
  • How to control and manipulate your audiences' emotions throughout your live show.
  • How the order of your songs impacts your fans' experience when they see you perform.
  • How to TALK to your audience between songs so fans feel they can better relate to you.

Don't forget: We can do all of this training in-person or over Skype!

How can you take advantage of what Rocket to the Stars is offering?

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